Hypercoagulation (Thick Blood) – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Hyper action has become a standard complaint of late. so it is vital to grasp what causes this downside. It happens because of Associate in Nursing anomaly within the action system. Such anomaly arises because of issues within the curdling factors. blood coagulation will cause serious problems. This action is caused by genetically noninheritable  issues in curdling. This sickness doesn’t have any explicit treatment, however continuous issues of this sort warrant a protracted term answer for action.


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The most prevailing symptoms of this complaint area unit embolism (PE) and deep vein occlusion (DVT). The later happens in legs and involves lots of pain and inflammation of the limbs. The veins of the legs valves get destroyed because of significant {blood curdling|blood coagulation|curdling|clotting|coagulation} that is to blame for clotting. This clot may shift to legs. So, once blood coagulation happens in lungs, it ends up in scarceness of breath and large pain within the chest.

This implies an enormous risk of coronary failure and possibilities of a stroke. Now, another curdling disorder known as blood disease fulminans, that happens in babies, causes the destruction of tissues and hemorrhage within the very important organs and skin. this sort of hypercoagulation happens because of a scarcity of supermolecule C within the kid. Eventually, it prevents treatment with anti  coagulator medicine like Coumadin. once pregnant mothers suffer from hyper action it will cause miscarriage. alternative complications may result throughout physiological state except miscarriage like still birth, and intrauterine growth prohibition.

There area unit numerous reasons behind the incidence of this complaint. the foremost common of them is Associate in Nursingy stoppage of the body movement once an accident. this could increase possibilities of blood coagulation. So, the shortage of muscle activity will cause the movement of blood to prevent in veins. So, anyone United Nations agency is prohibited to bed rest once a surgery will get blood coagulation.

Since the body components will swell because of a cut body provide, they’ll additionally perform at lower levels. the provision of blood to the brain may decrease that causes a stroke. There area unit some ways to treat this disorder. The blood clots within the arteries is removed through surgeries. they’ll even be eliminated through medication like thrombolytic and tenecteplase. Now, a patient may get viscus catheterization so the blood is opened.

Now, once the blood clots type within the deep veins of the leg they’re a lot of dangerous as compared to superficial veins, as they’ll be transferred to lungs. Their transfer to lungs will cause a blocked provide of O to the guts which might cause death. So, its higher that such clots area unit treated with enoxaparin through injections which might instantly skinny the coagulated blood. Coumadin may be through pills however it takes it slow for it to amass healing levels within the body. throughout that point, it’s given through injectable and oral versions so the symptoms of the complaint area unit reduced.


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