All About Blood Clots

Do You Have A Blood Clot? Here Is a way to Tell.

Blood clots will terribly dangerous. they’re fashioned in your arms or legs and break off and jaunt your heart or lungs. A embolism could be a blood in your lungs. it’s a real emergency and needs immediate hospitalization. A embolism will kill you if untreated.

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The symptoms of a blood include:

o a hotter spot in your leg or arm

o Ruddy or red space within the leg or arm in this happens on only 1 facet

o a brand new swelling or significant feeling in your arm or leg

o Pain in your leg (especially once you extend your toes)

If you expertise any of those symptoms, don’t hesitate. visit the hospital room in real time.

Symptoms of a respiratory organ embolism:

o problem respiration

o inferior fever

o Pain within the chest

o augmented effort needed to breath

o A fast pulse rate

o A persistent cough (may or might not involve spit of blood)

Again, if you expertise any of those symptoms, don’t hesitate. visit the hospital room in real time.

Blood Clot Treatment

So, your doctor has told you that you just have a blood. you’ll in all probability tend a blood agent to treat it. In several cases you health care supplier can have you ever follow this treatment plan:

During Week one – you’ll tend a drugs referred to as polysaccharide. polysaccharide works quickly. it’s injected just below the skin employing a terribly short tiny gauge needle. Your health care suppliers can instruct you on however this is often done.

Heparin produces AN anti-clotting substance in your body work higher. This decreases the natural action ability of your blood. polysaccharide is formed from porcine intestines and has been utilized in the us since 1916.

* Day one – you’ll begin taking Coumadin (warfarin) pills orally. you’ll be taking this medication for a minimum of three months.

* finish of Week one – you’ll be discontinuing the polysaccharide.

* Your health care supplier are going to be testing your blood typically for its ability to clot.

* once To decision Your Doctor (Or Visit The Emergency Room) once Taking A Blood agent

Blood thinners will save your life. they will even have some serious facet effects. the foremost common facet result is hurt. If it becomes major, you ought to visit the doctor or visit the hospital room.

The signs of major hurt are:

o piss that’s occasional or cola coloured, red or dark

o Weakness or giddiness

o particularly significant emission hurt

o Any injury that doesn’t stop hurt inside ten minutes

o occasional coloured or red vomit

o Nose bleed that doesn’t stop inside ten minutes

o Gums that bleed too

o Unexplained abrupt bruises

o Red, black, or tarry intestine movements (they can also be sticky)

o Any severe pain (especially a headache or stomachache)

o Any serious fall – notwithstanding you are doing not believe that you just stony-broke any bones



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