Factor V Leiden: A Genetic Tendency to Form Blood Clots

Factor V city could be a mutation that belongs to the family of coagulation disorders known as thrombophilas. Thrombophila merely means the blood features a tendency to make clots. For anyone UN agency has ever practised a blood in their blood vessels, they apprehend that it’s a awfully serious condition.

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  • The prothrombin accelerator city (FVL) mutation is really quite common, touching five-hitter of white patients. The overwhelming majority of those individuals carry just one copy of the FVL mutation. people that carry just one copy of the mutation area unit known as heterozygotes. Patient with one copy of FVL area unit at Associate in Nursing elevated risk for developing blood clots throughout their lives. Patients UN agency carry 2 copies of FVL area unit known as homozygotes and that they area unit at a considerably elevated risk for developing blood clots. The homozygous FVL patient is at Associate in Nursing 80-100 fold risk for developing a clot in their period of time as compared to the overall population.

The development of blood clots happens most ordinarily in patients within the following settings:

-After surgery

-After periods of prolonged immobility, i.e. a protracted flight, bed rest


-Increased secretion states, like taking endocrine replacement medical care or oral contraceptives

-If the patient has cancer

  • Patients UN agency carry this mutation ought to alert their doctors to the current condition and may avoid bound medications. additionally, precautions to forestall clots ought to be taken throughout gestation and once surgery if the doctor or medical specialist feels that it’s necessary.

Patients most often develop blood clots within the legs. Signs of a blood within the lower extremities or a DVT include:

-Leg swelling (one sided)

-Leg redness

-Leg pain


Sometimes a clot can dislodge and can visit the lungs inflicting a embolism. Signs of a embolism include:

-Chest pain

-Shortness of berath

-Increased pulse



-Passing out

-Sudden Death

If you expertise any of those symptoms, get to Associate in Nursing hospital room straight off for analysis. Your doctor can ought to run some testing to diagnosing these conditions.

  • Factor V city is diagnosed employing a straightforward biopsy. the overall population isn’t generally screened. Doctors can suggest this take a look at if you expertise unexplained blood clots, have a case history of clots or of FVL or if you have got had gestation complications.


  • Patients with FVL mutation might have to be placed on blood cutting medications like anticoagulant medication, warfarin, lovenox or anticoagulant medication throughout times of enhanced risk. These medications may be dangerous and may invariably be used precisely as directed.


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