Blood And Clots In Urine

Hematuria or blood within the excreta may be a condition of red blood cells within the excreta. It may be termed as either microscopic or gross haematuria. In microscopic, 3 to 5 red blood cells square measure gift per high field power once it’s viewed beneath magnification. Gross haematuria is that is visible and might vary in look from lightweight to red clots. The cause and coverings of the 2 forms of this condition square measure ordinarily constant.


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Hematuria Causes – The causes of blood in excreta may be thanks to escape of blood cells in excreta from the kidneys or different elements of the tract. The tract consists of kidneys, ureters, channel and bladder. The kidneys facilitate in eliminating the waste and excess fluid from the body within the kind of excreta. This excreta passes through the ureters to the bladder wherever it’s hold on until it’s gone through the channel. The causes of blood in excreta may be any of the following:

  1. tract Infections: This infection is common in girls and happens once a bacterium enters the body and multiplies within the bladder. The symptoms of this condition will embody pain and burning whereas urinating and blood in excreta.
  2. excretory organ Stones: Minerals within the excreta crystallize to make little arduous deposits within the excretory organ referred to as excretory organ stones. These stones will cause extreme pain and might end in gross or microscopic haematuria.
  3. Bladder Stones: The crystallization of minerals gift in excreta within the bladder type stones. Bladder stones will cause blood in excreta.
  4. excretory organ Infection: once bacterium enter the excretory organ, it may result in excretory organ infection. The symptoms may be pain, fever and spending of blood within the excreta.
  5. excretory organ Injury: Injury to the excretory organ from AN accident may result in bloody excreta.
  6. Medications: haematuria may result thanks to bound medications.
  7. Cancer: one in every of the symptoms of cancer of excretory organ, prostate or bladder could also be visible urinary haemorrhage.
  8. Exercises: Strenuous elbow grease or intense workouts will cause gross haematuria.

Hematuria Symptoms – Symptoms of haematuria may be visible signs of pink or red coloured excreta that is that the presence of the red blood cells. The haemorrhage might not be painful, however passing of blood clots might cause pain. typically the blood might not be even visible and might be solely seen beneath a magnifier. Red color excreta also can flow from to bound foods or medications. If caused by different reasons, it ought to be shown to a doctor.

Hematuria Treatment – haematuria has no specific treatment since the underlying medical condition should be treated so as to cure the condition of blood within the excreta. The treatments will be:

  1. Antibiotics could also be prescribed for a tract infection.
  2. Surgery could also be needed to get rid of the excretory organ stones in your body. In some cases, the stones square measure passed out by drinking lots of water or by initial breaking them down.
  3. excretory organ infections and connected diseases have to be compelled to be treated to cut back inflammation and limit the injury to the kidneys.
  4. Surgery and therapy could also be needed to get rid of the cancerous tissues


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